Kamran Gulamov
Kamran Gulamov is the CEO of AKFA Group Holding, the largest manufacturer of aluminum extrusion in Uzbekistan
Kamran Gulamov was born on September 9, 1990, in Tashkent in a family of businesspeople. Parents believed that the boy should have all opportunities to develop his personality and encouraged his hobbies in every possible way. Kamran attended secondary school No. 178, and in his spare time, took lessons in Russian and English, engaged in swimming and music. He graduated from a music school in the violin, piano, and guitar class but chose a profession far from music.
After graduating from high school in 2008, Kamran successfully entered the Tashkent Financial Institute with a Financial Accounting degree. In parallel with his studies, the first-year student decided to implement his business project and opened a company engaged in the flower trade. If successful, the biography of Kamran Gulamov could have been quite different, but the business did not bring any sizable profit. Since the demand for the products was seasonal, the store often took losses.

The store had been working for more than a year, but in the end, Kamran decided to close it and take up education. In 2012, he received a bachelor's degree, continued his master's studies, and once again thought about his career. During this period, AKFA needed a raw material accountant, and Kamran managed to get this position. The young man actively optimized production processes and, in just six months, reformed the warehouse's work. The management noticed a young initiative employee, and soon Kamran was offered a position in the procurement department.
Career milestones
Global changes were taking place in a small company at that time, which coincided with Kamran Gulamov entering the company. AKFA rapidly scaled up and gradually became a major market player. In his new position, the manager was responsible for the supply chain, and over the next three years, he learned a lot about the industry and the market. In 2014, he received a master's degree and completely immersed himself in the company's affairs. The director and top managers began to listen to the supplier's opinion, Gulamov attended senior managers' meetings.

In 2015, the management entrusted the manager with the first serious project - constructing the BENKAM Alu Extrusion aluminium plant in the Navoi free economic zone and becoming the new enterprise director. The next four years he spent on the construction site, as the production was created almost from scratch.
Thanks to the team's successful work under the leadership of Kamran Gulamov, the company managed to build the largest site in Central Asia to produce aluminium profiles, which is successfully developing to this day. The enterprise's capacity is designed for the production of 40 thousand tons of aluminium profile per year. The production is fully automated. The company is constantly expanding its export potential and supplies products to Europe, Canada and the United States.

Since 2020, Kamran Gulamov has held the CEO position at AKFA Group and is responsible for the holding's development strategy. In working on the company's plans, the top manager focuses on the example of the global business giants Apple and Google, which are betting on a specific market segment. The holding structure includes 20 enterprises engaged in the production of window systems, aluminium and translucent structures, urban infrastructure elements, and heating equipment. The holding company exports its products to more than 20 countries around the world.

In 2019, at the initiative of Mr Gulamov, the company established the RND Research Center, where work is underway to launch new products. The company has organized an IT centre, expanded the production of PVC. One of the company's latest projects is the launch of a plant for the production of metal structures in October 2020, the construction of which was supervised by Kamran Gulamov. The holding company's news says that in December 2020, the company signed a contract with PwC and SAP to implement a set of measures to launch its IPO. The company's international reputation will attract funds from new foreign investors and expand its production capacity.

The company plans to increase aluminium extrusion production, which is in demand in the world market. In December 2020, Kamran Gulamov announced the third stage of construction of the BENKAM production complex. The company will have new offices, technological showrooms, and administrative buildings in addition to the new lines. To date, 900 jobs have been created in BENKAM Alu Extrusion, and the expansion will make it possible to increase the staff to 1,400 people.
Charity Projects
AKFA Group pays special attention to charity. Only in the last few months, the holding:

since November 2020 — has been building the first shelter for homeless animals in Uzbekistan, where living conditions and comprehensive medical care will be organized;

December 2, 2020 — organized events for students of specialized school No. 25 on the International Day of Disabled People;

January 10, 2021 - financed the first stage of the International Patriotic Race "Meb Golib".

The next stage of the road race, "Meb Golib" will be held in May 2021 with the financial participation of AKFA Group. Military personnel and members of running clubs and sports communities of Uzbekistan will participate in the competitions.
Personal life
Kamran Gulamov is married and has a son, Imran, with his wife, Alexandra. The top manager gives all his free time to sports. His main hobbies are swimming and kickboxing. Among winter sports, he prefers snowboarding, and in the summer, he plays tennis.
Awards and achievements
2007 — first place in the Uzbekistan Kickboxing Lightweight Championship;
2019 — The "Dustlik" ("Friendship") order, the state award of the Republic of Uzbekistan for strengthening the comprehensive partnership between the people of Uzbekistan and the peoples of other states.
Contact with me
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